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New Year New Beginnings

Hey Peeps!!!

Finally here I am writing my first blog and for the first time ever I am starting a new year with actually new things so first of all Happy New Year to everyone and I hope this year I could finally be able to discover more about myself and do things I have always wanted to do.

So yes this blog is going to be about what were my fear and insecurities and what held me all these years from writing a blog.

Anyone who’ve ever wanted to write a blog or can’t do something they’ve always wanted to do and are doing something else right now because they’re forced by the situations to do that thing will surely connect to this one and find this so relatable.

I wanted to start my own blog since past two-three years after I came across this blogging concept and I found it so prodigious and hence I got addicted to few bloggers and thought of having my own blog because it is a platform where so many people with even same concepts(but new and different content) can work together and people can freely express themselves, their feelings but unfortunately I couldn’t do it since I was doing other things out of no choice and had so many fear and insecurities which were constantly bugging me and I couldn’t share it with anyone at that point of time but finally I thought that my first blog should be about me my journey till date.

So here i am describing my major insecurities:

1. What if people didn’t like my blogs: This one was and is my biggest fear and insecurity I had because I’ve always wanted to become a full time blogger(that doesn’t mean that I am here just to earn money) it simply means I didn’t want to start a blog just as a time pass thing or as an experiment I wanted to start a blog to help people who are actually looking for answers on internet because I am someone who is always searching on internet and reading so many blogs so I’ve always wanted to be someone who could help and make others happy because that’s what makes me happy since childhood and people who know me knows that this is absolutely true.

2. What if people start making fun of me because I know so many people out there who makes fun of people who are actually struggling and doing something for themselves, taking a stand on their own but are still being a matter of laughter for people.

But finally I overcame all these feelings because I knew that if I want something I have to achieve it on my own and finally after a lot of struggle here I am starting this new year with a bang and with so much of love and positivity and blessings from very few but the most important people’s of my life.It takes a lot of courage and effort to give up things you have been doing for years do something on your own and i am happy that i finally did it.

And yeah with this I am gonna end my story today and I will be posting really soon and my blogs will be about lifestyle,makeup,fashion,food,hacks and everything that I could think of and which I think will be worth sharing.

And if you do like this blog please do like comment and share. Lots of love and positivity to everyone out there.

Hope you will always be a part in my journey. XOXO

8 thoughts on “New Year New Beginnings”

  1. Really amazing.
    I have started blog reading because of you. Come on write like this only. For me and for all over the world


  2. Yes! Happy New Year. I too have just started (published) a new blog. It kind of made me feel better that even a youngster finds this Blog writing a bit daunting. I’m an old lady and feared that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the young people. I wrote a bunch of stuff, then it just disappeared. Oh well…


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