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This is important. Quarantine self-care.

Hey guyssss! This post is really important during these tough times. I haven't been posting here since a really long time but I am overwhelmed to receive your love and views on my previous blogs. I hope this continues forever. I hope you all doing great and staying safe at your home. It's also time… Continue reading This is important. Quarantine self-care.


Whom to blame?

The answer is no-one. The moment something bad or unpleasant happens with us/around us. We start blaming, blaming other people, blaming ourselves, blaming our fortune, blaming time. We do not accept that it's life, nothing is permanent here, neither the good times nor the bad or unpleasant times. And in those bad and unpleasant times… Continue reading Whom to blame?

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#02 - Do start accepting things/people as they are. Hey all! Sorry for the delay in this particular series. It feels overwhelming when these kind of posts receives love from all around the world. I feel SELF LOVE is the most important topic we should be discussing right now because it will help us fight… Continue reading SELF LOVE – SOLVES EVERY PROBLEM #02

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Hey peeps!!!! Gonna share my quick everyday makeup routine, like whenever I am going out for a movie, for hanging out, shopping or anywhere else. This is my favourite makeup look I swear by everytime I am going out during day time because its super easy and just takes upto 5 minutes. So next time… Continue reading EVERYDAY NATURAL MAKEUP LOOK.

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Looking for a perfect gown/dress? Read this.

Heyyaalll! I've been taking long breaks not because I am running out of ideas, it's because I am running out of time. It is not as easy as it seems from outside, but honestly I miss doing this more than anything. So here I am with another blog that might be useful for most of… Continue reading Looking for a perfect gown/dress? Read this.

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Well, once you try this liner, you won't regret using this eye-liner. This is one of the most affordable liquid eye-liner available in India, I guess so because you may get local liners even at a cheaper rate than this product but certainly you will not get this level of quality, the one you are… Continue reading LAKME INSTA EYELINER.

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I have already wrote and spoke a lot about how to prevent sun tan but still we, most of us being a stubborn human don't take out time for ourselves and hence we suffer from sunburn, rashes, and other horrible situations. So for us who don't take any steps to prevent this have to make… Continue reading NATURAL REMEDY TO REMOVE SUN TAN. #01

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#01 - DO NOT DEPEND ON OTHERS FOR YOUR OWN HAPPINESS. Hey all! I was planning to do this since so long. I had already posted about few months back and I got a good response on it and I really wanted to continue my motivational blogs but I couldn't since I had some… Continue reading SELF LOVE – SOLVES EVERY PROBLEM #01

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Hey you all. I have recently shifted my focus from makeup to skincare since past few days because when you are using a lot of products on your face you have to take extra care of your skin so I have been finding out products which are more on the natural side plus they are… Continue reading VAADI HERBALS STRAWBERRY FACIAL BAR.