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Make-up Essentials for college going girls

Heyyy lovely people!! It's been a really long and tiring week for me and I also couldn't make it this sunday as I was sick and was not able to concentrate on my work but here I am just with a 2 day delay and I know that people won't mind it as I am… Continue reading Make-up Essentials for college going girls

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Travelling essentials

Hey peeps!!! I came up with the idea of this blog "Travelling essentials" while I was super busy this whole week as I am also travelling to a super fun place, so I had to complete all my packing but since I have also decided to write atleast one blog per week, I decided and… Continue reading Travelling essentials

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Things we must do for ourselves

Hey Again!!! I hope everyone is doing well and thank you to so many people for being there. Today's Blog is not about skin care, make up or stuff like that, it is for our own selves. I have always been thinking about these things and have also shared it only with my close friends… Continue reading Things we must do for ourselves

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Tips & Tricks to get a Glowing Skin Naturally

Hey People!!! Wedding season is just a week away in India which means never-ending parties and lots of fun and of course who doesn't want a fresh, glowing and radiant skin for these parties for that perfect picture that we want to upload everywhere on social media and this is not only about getting a… Continue reading Tips & Tricks to get a Glowing Skin Naturally

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Fun Things to do this Winter Season.

Hey again peeps!! I know many of you must be thinking that I am back really soon and yes I am happy to be here because I am someone who can spend my whole day and night reading blogs and now writing one. Okay so coming back to today's blog Winter season is the most… Continue reading Fun Things to do this Winter Season.

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New Year New Beginnings

Hey Peeps!!! Finally here I am writing my first blog and for the first time ever I am starting a new year with actually new things so first of all Happy New Year to everyone and I hope this year I could finally be able to discover more about myself and do things I have… Continue reading New Year New Beginnings